MARTHA Software for Circuit Analysis

The distribution zip file contains the following APL workspaces, which comprise the core of the MARTHA circuit analysis package:

Workspace                  Description
MARTHA.AWS Main analysis workspace
MARTHAF.AWS Format Functions
MARTHAM.AWS Modifiers for response functions
MARTHAN.AWS Numerically-Defined-FOF functions
MARTHAR.AWS Response functions
MARTHAW.AWS Wiring functions
MARTHAX.AWS Extra functions to work with MARTHA
HOWMARTH.AWS   On-line summary of workspaces & functions

These are largely identical to the commercial distribution of MARTHA that was available on mainframe computers.  They were ported to STSC’s APL*PLUS/PC around 1990, and contain all of the enhancements and bug fixes from both MIT’s mainframe version and the one in use at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

There are three major differences between this code and the previous versions of MARTHA.  First, there is no longer an expiration date in the code (this was included to make sure that commercial customers paid their bills).  Second, all of the code is now ‘unlocked’ and therefore can be inspected and modified by anyone for any purpose.  Third, all of the code is in the public domain, so there are no copyright or licensing restrictions to the use or distribution of the code.  Anyone wishing to modify any MARTHA code should consult the information in the Development Section.

MARTHA Manuals:  There are two different MARTHA manuals — the original 1971 manual published by the MIT Press, and the 1973 Addendum, published by the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering (now the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).  Both are needed by those using MARTHA.  They have been converted to searchable PDF’s, and are available for download here.


MARTHA Workspaces:  (104 kbytes)
MARTHA User’s Manual:  MARTHA_manual.pdf  (998 kbytes)
MARTHA User’s Manual, 1973 Addendum:  MARTHA_addendum.pdf  (1156 kbytes)

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